Rabu, 19 Oktober 2016


          HELLO! WHAT'S UPP!!! Now I want to tell about my expirience to be a Qurban's Crew. So when Idul Adha, my school held qurban. Before the qurban day, my friends and me slept in the school mosque. we are have a ganes at night we are joging in the school we are no scared beacause it was much of people who slept in mosque we are running with games in games there are divided by 4 post,because we must search our smartohone we must search it we are go to post 1 and we find nothing after that we go to post 2 same like post 1 we find nothing and than we gi to bazzar that is the post four and we are find our smartphone after games we are have isya pray after that we are slept at  12 o'clock and than we get up at 3 o'clock for tahajud

that's all from me

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