Minggu, 25 September 2016


        Hello guys APA KABS!! Thank you for read my blog again. I'm Mochammad Dhafin and people usually call me Dhafin. I'm from X Science 1 and I'll tell you about my experience in the big event. The big event was Megantara. Well, two weeks ago my school had a big event. The name of the event was Megantara. Megantara is our 3rd festival seni, sastra, dan budaya.
        Well, maybe I wasn't the comittee that time but, I participated in Megantara. I was a connoisseur of Megantara. In Megantara, there were so many people, most of them are my friends. It was just like reunion but more spectacular because in Megantara we can also watched my favorite Indonesian band,The Changcuters, RAN, and many more.
        In Megantara I also tried Bandung's food ( jajanan-jajanan Bandung). I ate 2 plates of batagor because It was the cheapest of all. There also exist sate padang. I wanted to try it but, it was very crowded, so I didn't go there. But, among the others, the most delicious food in Megantara is Iga bakar. Altough the food was expensive, but it was the most satisfying food for me. And there was also a Haunted House. It was very funny because there were no scary ghost. 
       In the evening, The Changcuters began performing. It was amazing. They played more than 5 songs. the songs is Gila-gilaan, I Love You Bibeh, Hijrah ke London, Main Serong, Pria Idaman Wanita, and many more. My friends and I was really Gila-gilaan (doing crazy things). And after The Changcuters,RAN began performing. There were so many girls screaming when Rayi, Asta, and Nino go up the stage. RAN invited a girl to go up the stage, and made other girls jealous to her. And then RAN closed the show. Megantara finished at 10 pm.Megantara is an AMAZING SHOW!!!!

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